Holding Juniper for the First Time

I don’t know if every parent remembers the first time they get to hold their little one, but I certainly do. Juniper was 4 or 5 days old. She had just made it through 3 days of “cooling,” where she looked like a small, tepid blueberry and to the surprise of Drs., woke up.

Hospital policy normally prevents parents from holding intubated patients, but made an exception for Danielle. We were both wrecked, without sleep or showers for days. But holding, for those few minutes, we got to forget about the past few days. And even though we were surrounded by the beeps, bleeps, humm and buzz of machines… And even though she had wires and tubes attached to nearly every part of her body- we got to be a family for the first time.

The next few days, we reunited regularly. We even got showers & a few hours of sleep. Eventually, beeps and hums faded down the hall to other rooms, as Juniper stabilized.

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