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OH NO! Your Online Reputation is Going to Shit, WHAT DO?

Do These (5) Easy Steps & Fix Your Online Reputation in Hours

If you’ve recently found yourself at odds with a tenant and thought you could fix the problem by threatening, or worse, kicking him, his wife and their 13 month old special needs child out of their home, you’re probably saying to yourself at this very moment, “Shit, I didn’t know this guy was one of the top marketers in the world.”  Surely, had you known that, you would have been more willing to find solutions to the problems he mentioned, rather than allowing the wannabe-model-of-an-office-manager try and bully him and his family.  Boy was that dumb!  But have no fear!  In this article, I’m going to give you 5 easy steps to fix all your SEO & reputation whoas and as a bonus, restore order to the apartments that Adeline is running into the ground, faster than republicans disavow a Trump speech.
Here we go!  
Step 1:  Stop being jerks!   I know, it seemed like the right thing to do, especially when you thought that the person you were with is a some sort of idiot.  But as it turns out, you were wrong and THAT IS OK!  We’re all wrong sometimes.  But right now, I want you to pick up your iPhone, stare deep into that black mirror and say with overwhelming conviction, 3 times out loud, “I’m going to stop being an jerk, right now.”  EZ-PZ-BREEZY.
Step 2:  Consider everything that’s been done over the past week a huge mistake and start undoing it.  Now listen, I know that most of this wasn’t your fault.  I know you thought you hired the glamour-shots-queen and that all that makeup she wears somehow correlates with intelligence, or something (not sure how you got there, but hey, I’m not judging), but it’s simply wrong.  She’s an inexperienced retail clerk that put forth the ol’ community college try and got her associates  and that makes her qualified to to do… umm… retail, maybe, I guess. Not really though.  But you gave it a shot, she gave it a shot, now recognize that you need to start working backwards, because she’s a friggin’ idiot and bungled this worse than Hillary’s last presidential bid.
Step 3: You need to consider the actions she’s taken as a big, “Whooops” and start undoing all the damage she’s done.  There are a couple of things that need to happen for this to work.  For instance, you’ll need to retract both the notice to vacate and the lease violation notice.  You need to do these things to cool tensions, which will subsequently allow you to start a dialogue with the nice family you were trying to screw over.  
Step 4:  Issue a sincere apology on company letterhead, acknowledging that this entire situation was botched and you’re willing to work to make it right.  
Step 5: And finally, call us and once again, sound apologetic and let us know you want to get things right.  I have it on good authority that the family you want to screw over is under a whole lot of stress because their little one has been in and out of the hospital. Additionally, Juniper requires pretty intense medical care every four hours around the clock, so they’ve found themselves a bit on edge, because of a significant lack of sleep.   And while that doesn’t mean that they were completely in the wrong, I’m sure they would be willing to have a friendly conversation to try and fix the damage.  For instance, they’ve already placed plastic under the plants that were at the heart of the drama.  They would like, more than anything, to have an open dialogue with their neighbors, to work through any problems that might arise in the future.  In fact, at the heart of the tension was the fact they had been texting with their new neighbors (after Danielle had gone down to introduce herself and try and work out times to water her plants that wouldn’t cause them any problems.)
Something you may or may not be aware of is that because of their child’s health, they aren’t able to so much as take her for a walk outside.  So having an outdoor space that they can enjoy as a family is one of the most important things they can do.  

AND SHAAAAZAAAAAMMMMMMM… do those things and I’d bet 1 kidneys and 3/4 of my liver that all those nasty (but honest) reviews disappear in a matter of hours.   


At the heart of the issue isn’t the tenants, it’s the management.  Adeline is a prima donna and when she was told to, “Leave us the fuck alone” her pride was offended, “How dare they talk to me like that!” she said in her underutilized brain, “I’ll show them” at which point she began making retaliatory decisions that should have lead to her being let go.  Instead, she was allowed to carry on and the results have been disastrous.  What she probably left out of her version of events were the following facts:
1) She continuously tried to talk over us.  It wasn’t a conversation, it was a “talkin’ to.”   No wonder the tenants were so pissed.
2) She made some big assumptions.  According to DelWest employee Lola, because we had worked out an agreement with the neighbors below, they were first obligated to honor that agreement.  If it wasn’t working, they could have reached out to find another solution.  Additionally, they either lied to Adeline, or she drew some conclusions that were incorrect.  The furniture that they bought was USED.  It’s been sitting in the sun for YEARS.  Any idiot can look at the pictures they sent and recognize that.  But Adeline kept insisting the furniture was new.  We asked for more information, because frankly, if we did ruin their stuff, we want to replace it.  If they are going to make the claim that it’s new, they ARE OBLIGATED to show that’s actually the case.  Remember, we approached them when they first moved in, because we want to get along with our neighbors (and we do, with everyone else on our hall, by the way).  It’s just those folk below us.
3) And speaking of the folks below us, I think some conclusions have been drawn about our relationship with the neighbors below, as though this is an on going problem that is our fault.  This just is not the case.  We had a neighbor ABOVE US that was letting his dog urinate on the balcony.  We asked for help with this for OVER A YEAR, before he was finally asked to leave.  But the result was urine ruining our stuff and the previous TWO tenants stuff.  That was not our fault.  In fact, I have a letter apologizing for accusing us of such on your company’s letterhead.    This is a new problem with new tenants.
So for the bonus, please consider letting Adeline go.  You can do better.  This beautiful new property deserves management that knows how to cater to business professionals, not piss them off.  Perhaps she can be demoted to a leasing agent at another property, in the event that you don’t want to fire her?    
Just a thought, because the residents here deserve better than this.  Let’s find a resolution.

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Something different

Hello all. It’s Danielle here and I’ll probably be talking about very different things than Michael. If you followed our Caring Bridge blog, you know I talked about tough stuff. I’ll probably keep talking about tough stuff; it’s just the kind of person I am.

Pregnancy does crazy stuff to the brain and I already live with bipolar I. Things get crazier when a blue baby is pulled out of you. I didn’t get the skin to skin time. No one cut the umbilical cord. No one got to touch her or welcome her to her new life. She didn’t cry. She didn’t do anything for 15 minutes until the doctors revived her. My brain didn’t even register her as my baby. I didn’t believe it. I had just seen her monitors. She was good then. Healthy. Vivacious. Kicking and moving with a heartbeat. I’d seen her earlier that day on a sonogram. Nothing was wrong. Nothing.

Then everything was wrong.

Since then, we’ve been in the hospital 3 or 4 times, all for stays of multiple weeks. She’s lived longer in the hospital than at home. She had her first birthday in a hospital room, big thanks to Aunt Mimi and Aunt Lisa. I didn’t have the energy or presence of mind to do it. It surely would have been a disappointment. But! It was super fun and beautiful and we all had a nice time via Zoom. Love in the time of quarantine.

In case you don’t know me very well, I’m not snuggly. I don’t like it. I like to pace (I usually log between 4 and 6 miles on my pedometer every day) and snuggling makes me feel tied down. I wasn’t really exposed to small children until I had my own. Let me tell you, babies need snuggling. I’m struggling with this because Juniper is generally attached to some machine or other and it makes it difficult to move her around. I can’t pace. Most parents can just carry the baby around with them as they go about their day. For me, it’s getting the baby out without messing up a cord or cable, sitting for a few minutes, not knowing what to say or do with this darling baby who’s just waiting for me to say something, but I have no words. Then I feel like I need to pace, so I get her back in her crib, cords and cables and such, and just walk in circles around my apartment for 20 minutes.

I worry that she loves me less than most other people. I worry that I’ll be the “bad cop” parent. I worry that she will want to be with her grandparents more than me. I worry that I’ll be dead last on her radar.

She’s not big enough to explain all this to. “Juniper, I want to be the best mother, I just don’t know how. I’m trying to figure it out, but it seems to come up way short of how I intended. Once I figure out how, I’m going to do the best I can. I’m going to find some people who will take better care of you.”

All I’m good at is researching. I promise you, Juniper, that I will find some place to help make you whole again.

I’m not sure if this is still post-partum depression or the medication adjustments being made for bipolar, but I feel like shit.

At home, I was the care giver. I changed the food bags, straightened the cannula, fixed the mask, gave baths, charged oxygen tanks, etc.. That was my way of showing love. With her in the hospital, that’s all been taken from me. Now she just knows me as the person who shows up for a few minutes, says hi, then goes walking around the hospital. That’s how she’s known me for the past 2 months or however long we’ve been in this godforsaken place.

I don’t really know how to end this. Michael’s posts are far more uplifting. I’m the pessimist in this family. But for now, I can’t help but feel alone and sad. I have to have faith (also difficult for me) that things will get better. They have to.

I love you, Juniper. I just haven’t figured out how to overcome my quirks to make it feel like it.